Friday, February 11, 2011

Mood Poetry

These are my first poems on my new blog.  This was an assignment for class.  Here are the first four poems I did.  I'd had a bad day and the darkness of my poetry reflects that.  I received a great grade on it.  We were writing sensory poetry and I think I did okay.

Darkness is in the heart of rain
It brings me tears and pain
It brings out the worst of my soul
Which takes a heavy toll
Never shall I walk that path
Which brings out my ugly wrath

Dark is death and pain
Which gives me nothing to gain
It makes angels scream out
It makes kids sit and pout
Dark is sad
Which I once had

Pain is my life
Which feels like a knife
No one cares
About your swears
Pain is hate
Which is your fate

I am dead
Right in my dirt bed
There is no light
They day is out of sight
Every year
I will have a tear

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